Friday, November 4, 2016

essentially still yourself...

Buckwheat Hull Zafu Meditation Cushion. Floor Pillow. Black/Off-White
Buckwheat Hull Zafu Meditation Cushion/Floor Pillow. Black/Off-White Cotton Print. OOAK. Measures approx. 15" W. by 5" D.. 6" L. Sidewall Zipper and carrying handle. Contains approx. 5 lbs. Dakota grown buckwheat hulls - ready to use. Handmade, USA.

*Eco-friendly - made with new cotton fabric sourced at a local thrift store. There's only one in existence. If you love it buy it. Nobody knows, of course, but it's highly doubtful I will ever come across this particular print again.

NOTE: books and meditation beads are for display purposes only, and are not included. The beautiful mala necklace is by ZardeniaJewelry on etsy. See: For mala necklaces and bracelets see ZardeniaJewelry on etsy:

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