Friday, November 11, 2016

post election blues or unnatural highs...

The "morning after" the 2016 Election Day came and went.
It may not be more true than ever, but right now it seems that way.
We desperately need more people who are able to see clearly, 
and maintain emotional equilibrium. 
So many people voted with raw emotions, namely fear and anger.
Politicians have been cashing in on primal emotions for a long time, 
and by the looks of it will be able to continue doing so for a long time.

But what if Donald Trump is one of our greatest spiritual teachers? 
The Id in superb disguise, I might add.  (It's going to be great! ;))
Click below to read how writer Patricia Pearce explains it very well.

artwork by etsyseller MotherTeresaQuotes
One definition of humility is that it means open-ness. 
Somehow, that seems more appealing, and possibly
 more effective than the groveling kind.

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