Saturday, November 19, 2016

the one standing in Pure Conscious Awareness...

-by John McIntosh
"You cannot think yourself into Unconditional Love.
You can act lovingly, but it is always colored with hidden conditions.
The false self or mind-body-ego is defined by
conditioning made up of its expectations, attachments and many identity masks.
These act like filters to the Pure Conscious Awareness or God Self that you really Are.
Love is another name for God, and Pure means unconditioned – unfiltered.
The conditioned mind therefore always loves conditionally,
and to say: “I am sending you unconditional love” is not a possibility.
 One who lives in Truth – in the Real Self,  would never speak of such things.
They would never speak of distance; they simply KNOW that
 the one they wish to so-called help IS Love ... Here and Now.
As always, it is the one standing in Pure Conscious Awareness,
 that touches the rest of the collective consciousness -
 more than 7.4 billion well-meaning conditioned minds.
This is why "seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven" - meaning
 this Pure Conscious Self that you Are, is your ONLY Purpose
until you Live in that Knowing."

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