Friday, January 27, 2017

the underlying ground of existence...

"A few months ago, new people moved into the rental house that backs onto my lot. They brought with them two large dogs named Micah and Dexter. The dogs fought each other every time they were let into the back yard, and that was many times throughout the day and evening. Perhaps it was play to them, but from the other side of the fence it sounded just awful. People who came to the house commented about how fierce it sounded. Then there was the people noise. Almost every evening, anywhere from 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M., they would burst into the back yard, and erupt into loud conversation with other people in person or on the phone. Every word could be heard and understood by all the neighbors in the surrounding houses, and not by choice. Talk about involuntary eavesdropping! I’m assuming that the privacy fence around the entire property gave the illusion of privacy, or maybe they just didn’t give a damn. One of the girls couldn’t speak a sentence that didn’t include “Oh! My God!”. Last weekend a moving truck was on site. My neighbors were quietly giving each other the thumbs up! Whew! Yay!
The point being made here is about “contrast”. Contrast is something I’ve been hearing about lately. Now that everything has become quiet again in the neighborhood, it took a few days to register that the noise is actually gone. Somehow, peace doesn’t seem to register as much as noise does. In a world of duality, the senses were created to experience by contrast. Peace and quiet, or rather the absence of noise or sound, is more noticeable, by contrast.
Of course, underneath all the contrast is the real deal, Eternal or everlasting, without beginning or end, Peace that cannot be touched by any noise or sound. It’s the ground upon which contrast takes place. It remains unaffected by anything that takes place on the stage of life. That’s the real Whew!"
Blessings, Sarah Nolt
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