Monday, January 23, 2017

to dye for...

One thing I haven't done that much of throughout my life is fabric dyeing. One reason is that, it seems to me, working with any kind of dye is pretty messy. Tie dyeing is still on my to-do list, although pretty far down in order of importance or even interest. Maybe it's actually more of a wish (to-do) list. For some things I seem to need the motivation of a class, or devoted group of die-hards. (pun in 10 did). Over the weekend I took the plunge, and dyed a total of 6 zafu covers. I actually like the results so well, on these two in particular, that I may dye the fabric before hand. I threw in a few other things to dye, such as a pair of faded brown denim jeans, a dark green turtle neck top that had bleach spots on it, and a hand towel that got messy in the beginning so I was like "what the heck - toss that in too".

from blue and white, to brown and navy

from traditional pillow ticking fabric background

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last but not least - so complimentary of each other now

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