Thursday, February 26, 2015

another grenade insight by Mooji...

"You say you have been trying so hard to find the Self,
but you, the one who is trying so hard to find the Self is who or what exactly?
Nobody is challenging this identity. In fact, they feel uncomfortable to have their notion of self threatened.
Therefore, it is easier and more comfortable to perpetuate this collective assumption that the ego is real.
And yet, do you know how important it is to be aware that you are aware of this? It would expose the 'seeker' as a mere idea or assumption inside the consciousness you already are and reveal the true Self behind the imagined self.
The person who is searching for freedom can never find it. This 'person', the one searching, is itself observable, isn't it? Please try to understand and confirm this.
Here's another grenade insight:
Freedom cannot be 'for' the person. Freedom is freedom 'from' the person for the person is always a complexity and a nuisance.
For an intelligent being, the 'person' or personal identity is the most desirable thing to loose.
And every day, I am trying to push you out of this little bubble of personhood into your real existence, the vast realm beyond all concepts - the realm of perfect Being.
Thereafter, you will look at any and every human Being and see only the Source because you are looking from and as the Source itself.
This is God meeting God.
The true meaning of Namaste."
~ Mooji
India 2015

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