Thursday, February 19, 2015

you are born every second again and again and again...

"The art of remaining a child forever 
is to never collect. 
When the moment is gone, leave it.
 Don't collect the past and then you are never old. 
You are born every second again and again and again.
 It is a constant rebirth... a riverlike flow of rebirth. 
You are renewed, resurrected. 
Die to the past every moment 
so it is no more a hangup and is not a burden on your head and on your heart, 
so that it does not hang like a rock around your neck. 
Go on dying to the past 
so you become more and more available to the present. 
Childhood is a state of consciousness, 
of purity, 
of uncorruption, 
of uncontamination."
~ osho.

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