Sunday, February 1, 2015

multi-tasking isn't what it used to be...

 "Slow down,
 and learn to savor the experience of Life Itself.
How can it be beneficial for anyone 
to pack as much activity as possible into a day, or night?
Doesn't that just jam our senses 
and jade our capability 
to experience things on a deeper, less superficial level?
Isn't rushing about feverishly 
with a long to-do list a sign of mental imbalance;
 a lack of ability and wisdom to pare down
  to what is really important and has long term value?
How to decide what is of value?
 One question that can be helpful is to ask of everything, 
"What is it for?" 
Keep looking deeper and deeper,
 and what you may find is 
that nothing more is needed to live a full life 
except to see and know what is already there.  
The ground of existence, if you will.
Less is more"


Original Watercolor Painting by RenePaints on etsy

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