Tuesday, February 3, 2015

throw out the old tenant called ego...

"The purpose of life is not merely to satisfy mind’s projections.
Though we imagine such a life would be a happy one, 
it would not be a good life.
You waste your life pursuing the wind.
But to dedicate one's life to Truth, that is tremendous.
And it is a choice prompted by the Heart itself.
One prays from the Heart,
'Let this life be one with its source.'
Offer this house so that it is used in service to God
and thus become a temple of light.
Throw out the old tenant called ego.
You will never go back and say,
 'Oh, I no longer want God to be here.
It was better when the devil was here.'

No, you will never regret this."
~ Mooji


Morning Glory Flower

artwork by RobertBridgesImagery on etsy




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