Saturday, April 16, 2016

be alert to what is in the mind...

~ Acharya Shri Prashant:
made in the usa, zafu cushions
🔥Here and now does not really pertain to an objective reality because there is no objective reality. Here and now pertains to the state of mind that the mind is in. All that here and now means is that when the mind is in a particular state, then that state is all that there is. Mind is in temptation; then temptation is all that there is. Mind is anger; anger is all that there is.
🔥Here and now is meaningless. Even though we all are sitting in this physical location right now yet here and now means different things to all of us.
🔥Here and now simply means that, 'be alert to what is in the mind'. That's it.
🔥And whatever is in the mind, that is in the mind. Now do not try to suppress it and do not try to find justifications for it. Just know that this is what is there in the mind and that we said in the beginning is the appropriate mental activity.
🔥The mind is the machine, well tuned, nicely designed for both analysis and observation. Use it for observation. You use it only for analysis and comparisons. And if the observation is honest then the object of observation will drop.

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