Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The power of now cannot be a spiritual utterance...

   The Present is not the now. The now is a point in the stream of time. The now is that which is preceded and followed by the past and the future. The Present is that in which the past, the now and the future, simultaneously co-exist. The now is a point in the stream; the Present is the vast infinite land, in which that stream is flowing.
   There are as many streams of time as there are minds. The past is not one object, the future too, is not one object; even with the so-called person, the past and future keep changing. So, infinite rivers of time keep flowing in this vast land called the Present. The Present is that which is Present; it is the Truth.
   The word power is meaningful only in the presence of something else against which the power may be used and applied. Present has no power. The Present is so absolutely powerful, that the word power does not apply to it. Against whom will the Present apply its power? How to say that it is powerful? It is meaningless.
   But the ego is searching for power all the time. Have you noticed that? Who wants power? – The ego. So, it becomes a very catchy thing to say, ‘The power of now’. This cannot be a spiritual utterance. No spiritual mind looks for power. It’s only the ego that is insecure, and hence looking for power.
~ Acharya Shri Prashant
Acharya Shri Prashant

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