Thursday, April 14, 2016

"You do not attain God, you dissolve and all that remains is God."

"begonia blossoms"
🔥 Somebody roams around for ten years, twenty years, thirty years, somebody goes to ten masters, twenty masters, and then we are told that there is an event called ‘Enlightenment’. That’s what your story is. How do you know that what you call as ‘Enlightenment’ is the effect of the cause called ‘wandering’ or ‘seeking’ or ‘searching’?
🔥 When you don’t know anything about Enlightenment, when Enlightenment is something that by its definition cannot be thought of, cannot be conceptualized, cannot be put in images, then how can the Buddha be searching for it?
🔥It pleases us greatly, there is deep ego in this assumption, and mankind will hold this assumption close to itself, that God is within my reach. ‘It was not due to His grace, but due to my effort,my effort yields enlightenment.’
🔥Enlightenment is returning to the source, and the source is outside all cause-effect. You do not get there by doing something, you do not get there as a result of some sadhana. Twelve years or twelve thousand years, nothing will suffice. How can time lead to the timeless?
🔥You do not attain God, you dissolve and all that remains is God. Buddha did not attain Enlightenment, buddha dissolved and all that remained was Enlightenment. That dissolution can happen in a fraction of a second, it is instantaneous, or it may never happen.
~ Acharya Shri Prashant

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