Sunday, April 24, 2016

 ‘A Thousand Names for Joy’
 ~ Byron Katie (excerpt)
 "A stuck mind is the only death—death by torture.
The unquestioned mind, believing what it thinks, lives in dead ends—frustrated, hopeless, forever trying to find a way out, only to experience another dead end. And each time the problem is solved, another problem pops up. That's how the unquestioned mind has to live. It's stuck in the oldest stories, like a dinosaur still chewing on the same old grass.

When I woke up to reality in 1986, I noticed stories arising inside me that had been troubling mankind forever. I felt absolutely committed to undoing every stressful story that had ever been told. I was the mind of the world, and each
time one of the stories was seen for what it really was and thus undone in me, it was undone in the whole world, because there is only one thinker."
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