Thursday, July 23, 2009


Always feels good to get another project completed satisfactorily. And this is most certainly one of those times. I love the avocado and rust colors in these throw pillows. The pillows definitely have a feel good effect on me! If you read a previous posting about my first time venture into making yogurt, then let me just add that it was ready to eat by this morning. And I can say that I am sooo hooked! We used a gallon of 2% milk, and half of the yogurt was refrigerated in storage containers, and some of it is being drained of whey for a soft cheese spread- the consistency being somewhere between yogurt and cream cheese. For some reason it isn't keeping that well, ie. it's disappearing (not so) mysteriously! :) Fred is going to the sleep lab overnight again with the goal of resolving the sleep apnea issues. They are going to hook him up again with monitors, and what he humorously refers to as a Darth Vader mask.

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