Friday, July 3, 2009

Hot off the Sewing Machine!

Growing up in a culture where thinking too highly (or even just well) about your own accomplishments or your self, was cause for varying degrees of remonstrance. My grandmother used to say in her German dialect, "aya lobe schtinkt!" translated "self praise stinks!" The basis was part culture, part religion. Small wonder we secretly harbored feelings and longings for appreciation, but having to wait for due rewards (or punishments) till after we pass over to the other side. So, it is taking me quite awhile to determine what is a good and appropriate sense of feeling well about myself and things I make or contribute to, in THIS life. So, long story short, I just finished this set of pillows and looking at them gives me a good feeling. Especially, I like to look at my quilts and quilted projects in natural light...the play of light and shadows is ever unique!

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