Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paisley and Plaid

"She only makes Cathedral Windows" is what I hear some say. Well, that just ain't so, but that's another story. Granted, it became a passion, but not quite all consuming. This quilted wall art came to be as a result of my friend Valerie asking me if I wanted some plaid CW frames. Said she had some for herself, we could each make something with them and see how they turn out. Couldn't pass up that opportunity for fun, now could I?! This, then is the end result of the fun I had. Fred continues to be amazed, as do I, at how each one is just so different even though they all are constructed in pretty much the same way. Speaking of Fred, he just came home now with his brand new chompers. Said they don't bite down right, but it didn't stop him from having lunch at his favorite Chinese restaurant. Making progress with the pillow tops-the backing is cut for the 4 tops that are ready. I suppose I will have to make the forms for the rectangular set. That's it for now, folks...shows over... go home!

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