Friday, January 10, 2014

Lightness of being...

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Lightness of Being.
The universe is not a heavy dense universe. Feelings and emotions are not heavy and thick as you make them to be. They are impressions, images that result from believing thought. Energetic vibration. Subatomic dance that is soaked with empty space.

Surrounding and permeating all impressions of heaviness and soaking all contractions is a deep unshakable peace ... a stillness that evades the travails and preoccupations of the I-thinking mind ... When you turn your attention to the border-less aware presence that YOU ARE, all aches magically dissolve and the illusory sense of physicality collapses.

Physicality is only an impression created by thought and is maintained by our habitual belief in thought. All along, the universe has a holographic quality rather than a physical quality.
The substratum of the universe is Seamless Oneness, Wholeness ... Divine Love. Complete undivided intimacy.

Rather than feeding the physical illusion by blindly believing your thoughts and feelings, rather than remaining entangled in the I-thought and enmeshed in the me-story and feelings, turn your gaze towards Her, towards Divine Grace and your true nature will be revealed, beyond all the complex definitions and divisions of the mind.

Surrender all your beliefs and all your story line to Her. Surrender your body and mind to the eternal and infinite aware presence spacious lightness of Being. It is a moment by moment surrender.

Peace and Happiness, Joy beyond measure will be revealed to be your eternal true home, beyond the illusory impressions of life and death.

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