Wednesday, January 15, 2014

we don't have a life. we ARE Life Itself...

(shared from facebook)
"We don't 'have' a life, we are life itself, 
and simultaneously we are the witness to life 
and all its expressions as it unfolds.

 if life is what we have then we will lose it one day, 
for all possessions are impermanent. 
Such a belief automatically places us in the position 
of the body which is time-bound and perishable.

But when we come to the understanding 
that we are life itself then all fears go, 
as this understanding places us in the position of consciousness, 
which is formless, timeless and imperishable.

The belief that we are merely our bodies 
makes us anxious and hurried, 
 for on a subconscious level 
we are driven to get as much as we can before it all ends. 
This has been the ongoing trauma 
of the human being throughout the ages. 
However, as consciousness itself, we are not time-bound. 
Our mind and world 
becomes a wiser and more peaceful existence, 
for we know inside our hearts that we are the eternal."
~ Mooji ~

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