Friday, January 31, 2014

within you is divine balance...

“Within you is divine balance. When you allow this divine balance to do its work, your former issues will come back to you in the most appropriate ways. Within you is a new divine balance. We asked you to close the blinds and the doors of your new house. We want you to understand that it comes from within you. It is not appropriate now to ask your guides for help. They love you dearly, but they are not in your direct energy anymore. It has not time to ask Tobias or any other outer being. Within YOU is divine balance.

It is between you and your Higher Self. Your Higher Self cannot be found if you look out the window. It is not there. There is nothing out there right now that is going to connect you to your own divinity. It is not on the outside. When you find yourself looking outside for your answers, we will remind you that the connection point back to your divine being, the connection point back to whence you came, the connection point to the future for where you are going is within! Dear friends, remember this. This is the lesson of magic that you will come to understand. Within you is divine balance.”

The Creator Series
Lesson Six: "Within You Is Divine Balance"
January 6, 2001

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