Saturday, January 4, 2014

when judgement falls away...

(via facebook)
Who we truly are is always deeply at peace, beyond conclusions, 
and always enjoying the play of humanity 
on its cosmic television screen – including the advertisements. 
Relatively, we may find ourselves judging others, 
comparing ourselves, thinking we are more ‘awake’ than others, 
judging our God or our Teaching or even ourselves as the One and Only, 
and relatively speaking, 
this may be something for us to look at, to be curious about, 
to explore, to be aware of, no matter how ‘awakened’ we think we are. 
How are we separating ourselves from ‘others’, even though there are no ‘others’? 
Yet ultimately, 
who we truly are allows all of it, holds all of it, 
the judgement and the lack of it in the moment, 
holds all of this astonishing human drama in the palm of its hand, 
wraps it in a forgiving embrace,
loves it to death, quite literally, 
and this is the wonderful paradox of existence, 
the ever changing and the never changing at all,
 the dance of the Beloved. 
And when even that judgement falls away…

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