Friday, January 3, 2014

on open space...

"You are the open space, free and unbound. 
The vastness of being welcomes everything. 
It takes on all forms only to reveal its magnificence 
and to lead you to her beauty. Even when 
it manifests as suffering, it is leading you to its divine nature.
Remain as the openness. It is possible.
Love the openness more than the story. Look beyond the I-thought.

All is welcome and nothing really hurts what you truly are. 
There is no need to stand in the way or to direct the traffic. 
That is too cumbersome. 
Simply abide as your true nature and trust it.
After all, the universal order takes care 
of the firmament and the 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe.
 It takes care of the weather, it takes care of all the manifestations.
Is there a need for you to control and manage the weather?
Of course not.
Your true nature is awaiting your recognition 
and awaiting your trust and embrace. 
It is a better embrace than the embrace 
of managing your endlessly changing world.
Abide as your true nature and make room for 
all what manifests, feelings, thoughts, emotions ... 
without interference and with the utmost love 
but without attachment or detachment.
Remain like the wide open sky of aware presence. 
That is truly what you are."
~Magdi Em Be~
(shared from facebook)

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