Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mooji on Who am I?

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The question 'Who am I?' is the most important question a human being can ask.
To feel some attraction to this question already signals an auspicious life.
From the birth of this body something inside has been saying:
 'I am, I want, I know, I love, this is me, this is mine,' 
but when asked, What or who is 'I'? no clear answer is given.
The 'I' itself appears to know many things but it itself it doesn’t know.
What exactly arises as 'I'? What is the substance of 'I'?
These are the most powerful questions that can emerge inside the human consciousness.
Why powerful? Because they have the power 
to break open and dispel every delusion and so remove the ego's grip on us.
Ego is the unreal identity and nature, 
and makes us feel uneasy in the presence of other beings. 
It often brings in fear and insecurity, 
which causes us to hold onto feelings of rejection, jealousy, hatred and desire.
However, by its very nature, ego can also help us to grow
 in understanding and aspire for lasting freedom 
by forcing us to seek what is true within ourselves. 
Satsang speeds up our liberation.

~ Mooji

January 2014

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