Monday, February 24, 2014

non resistant non grasping - no push pull

"Whatever comes, do not push away, 
whatever goes, do not grieve. 
Everything appears just like clouds floating by; 
they just come and go. 
Stay only as the unmoving awareness. 
Awareness and truth are one."

~ Mooji

February 2014


 "There is no conflict between the world and sannyas.
It is not the world but ignorance that one must renounce.
Giving up the world is not sannyas.
The awakening of knowledge, of self-knowledge, is sannyas.
This awakening leads to a renunciation, not of the world,
but of attachment to it.
The world stays where it is and as it is but we are transformed.
Our outlook is transformed. This transformation is very fundamental.
In this awakened state we do not have to give up anything. 
What is useless and superfluous automatically drops 
like the ripened fruit from a tree. 
Just as darkness disappears at the coming of light, a
t the dawn of knowledge impurities pass away 
and what remains thereafter is sannyas.
Sannyas has nothing to do with the world. 

It has to do with the self. It is the purification of the self.
It is just like the purification of alloyed gold."


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