Friday, February 7, 2014

we are not the movie on the screen nor the characters...

"When you go to the movies, you enjoy yourself but you do not get attached to the characters on the screen, nor do you get attached to the situation in the movie. Is that not so?
It is an immature mind that gets attached to the movie and all its details. It is an immature mind that complains about being addicted to the movie and seeks all sorts of therapies to release itself from its addiction.
You probably don't like to hear that. Why? After all, is it not true that it is naive to identify with the characters of a dream?
Notice you are the open space, the aware awake presence to which all appearances manifest. The aware presence that you are is not tainted by whatever appears on the screen and is completely free from all images, all sensations and all events.
You are this freedom, unbound and unconstrained. You are the happiness and peace that is veiled from you as you get attached to the movie.
Thank goodness the veil is made out of thoughts and sensations! There is no real steel wall that you have to pierce, no real mountain you have to climb and no real obstacles you have to surmount!
It is all dream stuff that is released as you completely relax in the pure awareness that you are. Relax your body mind and do not engage in the tomorrow (time) dream game."

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