Tuesday, February 4, 2014

scorch your entire mind...

"There are very few people who have had a personal realization 
without a teacher or without satsang. 
Yet it's possible. But it is satsang 
and the Sage that really ruin your mind. 
Scorch your entire mind. Make you mentally deficient. 
Which is a blessing in disguise. 
When some of you walk out of here you tell me, 
"You've got me completely confused now." 
 And I say, "Good that is what my job is. 
To confound you, to confuse you. 
To break up your mind into fragments." 
My job is not to tell you the things you like to hear. 
My job is to hit a nerve someplace within you 
that makes you think, "That guy is crazy. 
He's out of his mind. What's he talking about?" 
That is when you're starting to make spiritual progress. 
When you totally agree with me this is a hindrance 
to your spiritual path. I am not asking you to agree with me. 
I am asking to have your own experience 
and to find the truth for yourself."
~Robert Adams

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