Monday, February 10, 2014

we were always infinite, so we cannot die...

"When we die, we do not become infinite. 
We were always infinite, so we cannot die.
Sitting with the dying is such a privilege. 
In the absence of a tomorrow, 
in the face of absolute uncertainty and ungrounded-ness in terms of the story, 
total intimacy is all that is left, total presence, profound here-ness. 
Every moment is rendered absolutely sacred - as it always was. 
Every breath is precious. 
Every word is there to be deeply heard and savored, 
every touch reverberates throughout the ages, e
very look, every glance, all that is said and unsaid, 
all that is remembered and all that is lost to time, 
all is held in the vast embrace of Now
the only place we truly meet, the only place we have ever met. 
What happens ‘next’ is secondary in the face of this fire-like intimacy, 
untouched by death and dying and the dreams of tomorrow.
You cannot leave me, for we are each other, 
and where would we go? 
Come into my heart, 
where you always were, 
and I will take you with me."
~Jeff Foster~

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