Friday, February 28, 2014

spirituality by frequency osmosis?

Be here as Presence.
Then you can absorb my pointings quickly 
because we are in the same frequency field.
You are learning through frequency rather than through your head. 
Your heart and mind are corresponding energetically 
and already know everything I speak, you see?
Expand in the power of knowingness or intuitive perception.
And very easily you will become aware of yourself as Being 
rather than merely a three dimensional entity.
Something more spacious is being revealed, more intuitive, 
always unchangingly now. It is just here.
And it is never in battle with the mind.
It is pure and timeless.
The body is existing in its natural innocence.
Beautiful. It does not have any ambition to be famous.
It just Is.
It the house of the being, the body of the Being.
There is nothing to criticise.
All is the Is-ness and everything is functioning spontaneously.
You are in real time and harmony with the universe.
This is one’s natural state.
Experience, recognise and acknowledge That.
You are here.

~ Mooji

February 2014

This is the purpose of meditation....quieting one's individual mind and entraining to Awake Mind. 
One doesn't necessarily need to sit in the presence of someone 
who is perceived to be an awakened individual. But, if that's what it takes then that's what it takes. 

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