Thursday, February 27, 2014

universal Heart universal Being

"You say you have heard stories about being swallowed by the Master 
and so you became afraid of me. But now it is different. 
Your only wish is to disappear completely.
Then don't touch anything at all.
  Don't combine yourself with anything.
Don't hold any desire or intention, 
or any ideas about who you are or who or what you should be.
Now the real Master, The Satguru within, 
is going to swallow you up from inside. 
This means your mind is being merged in the universal Heart, 
the universal Being.
It is all unfolding by itself.
And it is the most beautiful thing.
Don't listen to what the mind has to say about it.
Stay in the experience itself. Don't imagine. Be quiet.
Be in the moment without expectations 
and you feel the Presence stirring within you.
Such joy.
Such Peace.
No arrogance.
No pride.
No sense of specialness.
Just the natural state, natural Being.
Welcome home."

~ Mooji

February 2014

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