Monday, February 3, 2014


Sarah Nolt

 This week I went to see a movie for a few hours of monkey brain diversion
 It was between Mitty and the Book Thief. 
I chose "Book Thief", which is not exactly a happy-making film.
As I walked out to my car these thoughts came...
 "It's not up to us who lives or dies. 
It's already been decided. 
So, live joyfully each day. And Life doesn't end. 
Bodies do, but Life doesn't.
 It goes on and on, in many many different shapes and forms. 
What really matters (to us) is the Love we can allow 
into our personal experience while we are in our form."
"It's One Love expressing through us all to the degree we allow.
People come and people go throughout the course of our lives.
We are the Love itself expressing Itself as many individualized forms."

Truly, a never beginning and never ending once.
So, cast aside fear, and Live!
Be willing to make mistakes, but don't make them twice.
If you can help it. And you can. I think. :-)
p.s....for those who may not know what yolo stands for...
"you only live once".

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